Japanese Jiu Jitsu Feats of Attack and Defense in Individual Encounter

Published: 31st May 2011
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Although these moves are still helpful these days, this book was written in 1904 by H. Irving Hancock.

This was one of the first American books which detailed and taught the moves of the professional Japanese jui jitsu. In his explanation, the author, compares a lot of of the jiu-jitsu moves to boxing but shows that boxing is simply no match to jiu-jitsu.

The book teaches a lot of of the basics of jiu jitsu and in fact shows them to "look" fairly simple. Even so, 1 should not take these moves for granted. They're a lot more challenging to do than they look - so the bottom line is "practice makes perfect".

It has only been since the late 1800ís early 1900ís that the Western world was exposed to the jiu jitsu techniques. Now, centuries later, these techniques are still being taught with numerous different groups forming to teach this advanced art of self defense.

This book describes and teaches all the simple moves needed to defend oneself in an unfortunate event of a personal attack. Now some of these tactics may not be the "cleanest" way of fighting, but fighting is an ugly thing and when yourlivlihood depends on it - you need to do what you must do. You attacker will surely do things without thinking.

Now that this has been said, fighting an attacker with a jiu jitsu throw or move will not cause significant bodily harm, blood and cuts. If done correctly, these moves will disable your attacker for a few moments, and as the Japanese believe, jiu-jitsu is not meant to "slaughter" but rather to show a bully the folly of fighting

Jiu-jitsu, thankfully, doesn't require the use great strength. The weaker man, if skilled, is able to put down his stronger and untrained attacker. The art has been around for longer than twenty-five centuries, and, throughout this time, has been perfected as the art of the smaller, weaker man.

As mentioned above, every day practice in these jiu jitsu moves is really necessary in developing the correct mind set, moves, and endurance. Some even claim that this kind of training will be the best method of body training known to the world.

The Japanese jui jitsu training in this ebook is very extensive with several photos showing, and explaining, these moves.

Here are a couple of of the several moves taught.

* The Best Way to Strengthen the Hands for Attack
* How you Can Toughen the Vulnerable Parts for Defense
* How you Can Get Out of an Ordinary Throat-Hold
* How you Can Do a Throat Hold
* How to Correctly Trip an Opponent and Avoid Becoming Tripped
* How to Make Throws over the Shoulder
* Why the Edge of the Hand Can be a More Hazardous Weapon than the Clinched Fist
* Dangers of the Base-of-the-Spine Blow
* Taking a Club Away from an Opponent
* The Neatest of All "Jiu-Jitsu" Ways of Stopping a Boxer
* Flooring and Holding Your Attacker Helpless Without Doing Him Damage
* Tricks That Might Be Described, as " Humorous"
* How to Use a Shoulder Pinch as a Indicates of Defense

These are just a couple of of the numerous Japanese Jui Jitsu techniques taught and explained in this historic e-book.

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